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Our Family Grows

Annalisa and Harris

Mexico Vacation

Australia Vacation

MBA Graduation

Thanksgiving 2003

Mendocino, CA

November 27, 2003


"What about Bob?"



July/August, 2003


"Some time alone!"


Cabo, Mexico

July 12, 2003


"Just Married!"

Vacation in Cabo 2

Cabo, Mexico

April 2003


"Even cuter!"


Favorite Memories


Vacation in Cabo

Cabo, Mexico

January, 2003


"So cute!"

New Year's Eve 2002/2003

   San Francisco, CA

   December 31, 2002


"You Are My Sunshine"

Our First Xmas 2002

San Francisco, CA

December 25, 2002


"Henry - Our First Xmas Tree"

Other Pictures




"Rochambeau Winery"


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