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Arrival in  Australia

Sydney Harbor, Australia March 2006


We arrive into Sydney for a brief 14 hours before zipping off to Hobart (Tasmania). We'll be back in Sydney for several days at the end of our trip.


Andrew arrives in Sydney

Andrew arrives in Sydney

We arrive in Sydney!

Andrew in the Botanical Gardens

Andrew and the orchids

Carniverous orchids in Sydney!

Another carnivereous orchid

Andrew and the flora

Purple orchids are pretty

See the iguana?

Bats in the rainforest in the middle of Sydney

Lots of bats!

Bats up close

Steph in gorgeous park

A LARGE tanker in the Sydney Harbour

A wild parrot patrols the park

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House 2

Sydney Opera House 3

Sydney Opera House 4

Andrew on the SOH steps

Andrew on the SOH steps 2

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Circular Quay (pronounced key)

Yummy pastries and meat pies :)

Sydney's oldest pub (can you believe we found it...)

Sydney subway

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