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Hobart, Australia March 2006


We spent a few days in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. It was a great little town with amazing (really amazing) Botanical gardens, gorgeous hills, a serene waterfront and charming neighborhoods.


The Lodge (our B&B)

The Lodge up close

The Front of the B&B

The Port Lounge at our B&B

The view from our B&B

A charming residential rode in Hobart, (Tasmania's capital)

Mt. Wellington rises above Hobart!

Andrew and Mt. Wellington

The cool Tasman bridge

A tree in the Soldier's Memorial walk way (one tree per fallen WWI soldier from Hobart)

Stephanie gone walkabout in the bush

Stephanie at the Royal Botanical Gardens gate

The colors were soooo vibrant!

and the grass towered over Andrew!

The beautiful lily pond (picture of mating ducks censored out)

Andrew in the fern garden

The Japanese Garden's red bridge

So relaxing in the Japanese Garden

The grounds were far more expansive that we imagined...

So many gorgeous plants

The brilliant orange flower was breathtaking.

The pink one too

The emporium was an explosion of amazing flowers

Like the Bellagio in Vegas, but far more impressive

Hard to believe these gardens are free entry to all!

the view looking east

Native Hobart plants

After the flower gardens, a stop at Lark distillery was in order

Andrew returns to The Lodge

Chess in the park

The fountains were the perfect background for a hard fought battle

Just one of many parks in Hobart

The quaint Battery Point village

A classic Battery Point home

Not a postcard, just a real classic!

Check out the sunflower!

... and we thought Andrew's head was big.

Stephanie's Flower

The original reverse clock (the flower clock and gun clock are not included)

The oldest church in Tasmania

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