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Blue Mountains

west of Sydney, Australia March 2006


Just an hour and a half west of Sydney (an hour if it weren't for the speed cameras strictly enforcing slow speeds), the Blue Mountains were an astounding site.


The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters (gone vertical)

Clouds shading the green mountain valley

Echo Point lookout

Rainforest Floor

Lush rainforest floor


It's called a rainforest (not a "sun" forest) for a reason!

Steph in the mountain valley floor

Shelter from the rain

A huge fern!

The ferns are everywhere!

Another gigantic fern!

Mountain amidst the fog

Raindrops on leaves and mountain background

Andrew amongst the foliage of the Great Staircase

The Giant Stairway rises over 1000m in rapid ascent

Clouds coming over the Blue Mountains

The pictures just can't do it justice

Still climbing the stairs

The clouds settle into the valley

The crown of the eldest of the Three Sisters

Clouds swooping into the mountains

The yellow dot is the CableWay we took down to the valley floor

The Cableway is actually quite large transporting over 50 people at a time

We are back at the peak!

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