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Hunter's Valley

(and drive to Port Macquarie)

northeast of Sydney, Australia March 2006


Just north of Sydney is Hunter's Valley - the famed wine country region of Australia. We aren't so sure why it is so famed anymore, though the Sauvignon Blanc was consistently good. We spent the night up in Port Macquarie which was a beautiful coastal town.


Cloud cascade driving out of Sydney

Awesome clouds on the road to Hunter's Valley

Mountains of Hunter's Valley

The wine was nice, but the scenery better

Gorgeous scenery

very gorgeous scenery

Really, very gorgeous scenery

Lush vineyards were bountiful

More fine vineyards

Andrew driving on the other side of the road.

View of Port Macquarie

Another view of Port Macquarie

View three of Port Macquarie

See the bats?

For 10-20 minutes at least...

these bats flew by in the thousands!

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