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Port Macquarie

(and Billabong Animal Sanctuary))

northeast of Sydney, Australia March 2006


A nice little town along the cost between Sydney and Brisbane.

The beach was gorgeous and we saw all sorts of wildlife in the wild (much better than in a zoo).


Andrew at Hog's Breath

Beach at Port Macquarie

The overcast day is the remnants from the latest cyclone

Rock art / graffiti

Surfers in the Port Macquarie waters

This attractive emu welcomed us to the park

The kangaroos were happy to see us

Except for this anti-social albino kangaroo

Andrew was popular with the Roos.

This fella followed us around all morning

A darling wallaby

The wallaby and Steph

Stephanie feeding a kangaroo

The gal clung to Steph's hands

And wouldn't let go until she was done!

This guy stood up and shook Andrew's hands

The kangaroos were very adorable

This roo was just chilling

until Andrew offered some corn for brekkie

The flowers were gorgeous here like everywhere else!

Andrew petting Nancy, a friendy koala

A curious koala

A koala taking a nap

Another emu (note the giant ram on its head)

A peacock

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