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Byron's Bay

northeast of Sydney, Australia March 2006


The lighthouse was picturesque. The beach was AWESOME. The town was delightful. Plus, we had our first good dinner in over a week. All in all, the highlight of the New South Wales coast.


The Byron Bay Lighthouse

is atop steep cliffs laced in green shrubbery

The sunrise was beautiful (just imagine it...)

The sunrise reflecting on the water.

More sunrise. Mere words can not describe the cascading colors...

Another shot because it was so picturesque

This is the backside

You can see the trail we ran up (no driving here).

The trail run was breathtaking, a result of the view and the steep ascent combined.

The view back into town

This is the shore below. It's really that beautiful.

The waves crashing on the rocks below.

More cliffs.

Us at the top.

There was a pack of dolphins playing in the waves

Hence, the nickname Dolphin lookout

Dolphin lookout below the lighthouse

Andrew at the most easternly point of Australia (just beneath the lighthouse.

Both of us at the easterly point.

Here we are again

Chasing our shadows

Crashing waves

The main beach.

Byron's Bay's main beach (lighthouse in distant background)

Another far shot of the lighthouse (can you tell we liked it!)

Our foot art.

The beach was soft and the waves crystal clear.

and stretched for several kilometers (that's a few miles)

Downtown Byron's Bay.

A mix of Berkely in the '70's with Monterey of today.

The road out of town.

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