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The Whitsunday's

& Great Barrier Reef

Australia March 2006


This gorgeous group of islands off the coast of Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef provided so many beautiful sites. We spent 3 days/nights touring the islands and reef aboard the Anaconda III (a nice yacht relatively speaking, but still with the wear and tear of a touring boat). The waters were a little cloudy because of the recent cyclone that past 500 miles north the week before, but nobody was complaining with the colors of the fish, the sharks (friendly ones), squid, turtles, dolphins, sting rays, crabs, beaches, coral, etc. No underwater pictures, but trust the postcards - it's quite a sight!


A picturesque beach

Approaching Hook Island

Sunset over Hook island

A gorgeous beach

Another tropical island

Steph aboard the AnacondaIII (Whitehaven beach in background)

Andrew at whitehaven (99% pure quartz/silica beach). The pictures don't do it justice.

Stephanie's footfree at Whitehaven beach

Angelfish come ashore at Whitehaven

The tropical forest at Whitehaven

These dolphins followed us for 30 minutes just 5-10 meters away.

Another dolphin fin.

The old style boats kept us thinking of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Stephanie at Sunset

A quaint little beach at Luncheon Bay

Andrew at sunset.

There clouds made for spectacular sunsets.

So we took a lot of pictures of them.

Nice way to end day of snorkeling with schools of meter (that's 3 feet) long green/purple/pink parrot fish.

An early morning rainbow

More rainbows

Approaching another island

Our first Great Barrier Reef sighting!

We arose with sun and found this beautiful spit of land.

More islands

The light at sunset was sensational.

A typical Whitsunday coastline

Max, our Aussie skipper

Another island (there are a lot - most uninhabited)

Returning to dock

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