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Pepper's Resort

Palm Bay, Whitsundays, Australia April 2006


Pepper's is a small resort (20 cabanas) in Palm Bay. It was the perfect place to relax for a few days. Gorgeous views, lots of wildlife, a great pool, walking trails, and great food!


Our shuttle to Peppers

Approaching Peppers

Palm Bay Beach

Cabanas at the other end of the beach

Arriving at Palm Bay

The Pool

View from our cabana

Another view from the Cabana

Walkway through the resort

Ocean view


Dining Room

Outdoor dining

Lush green trees

Pool view towards dining room

Pool bar

Geckos and moths at our Bungalow

A wallaby outside our cabana

And now he's hopping away

Another wallaby eating

Wallaby looking around

A bird joining us for dinner

A gecko nighshot

The geckos were everywhere

Cool flowers

Bungalows on the beach

The jungle

Beautiful trees

More views from our porch

Another porch view

The welcoming gargoyles

One of the many cockatoos

Poolside view

Back at the bar

Up close with a wallaby

Mom and baby wallaby

A nightshot...

... of a large frog

One of the parrots

More great views

The best view in town

Shaded cabana by the beach

Clouds shading us from the tremendous heat

Andrew and his favorite rum

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