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Kakadu National Park

Darwin, Australia   April 2006


What a tremendous experience.


An exotic bird greets us

Steph holds a 5 foot diamond python snake

Steph and her snake

Steph and the snake

A little crododile

One of the jumping crocodiles

This guy 4-5 feet long

These crocs rocked

The head of 6-7 ft giant croc

His body

... and his tail

Here he is partially visible

The view of the river with the crocs

With lush riverbanks

Two Australian eagles

One eagle approaches

And snakes some steak

Another croc

Steph at the park entrance

Some Aboriginal rock art

A wallaby

More rock art

An rock outcropping

Another view

More rock art

Even more rock art

A spider along our path

The spider (size of one's palm) up close

A land monitor

He's standing up against the side of the tree now

A great view

More great views

The great views abound

Even more views

Views continued

Just wow!


Us in front of a great view

Even more

A swimming hole

A little tree frog

A forest toad (VERY POISONOUS)

Toad up close

Steph preps Kangaroo for dinner

Our encampment

Our tent is the middle one

A large brown spider (size of your hand, quite poisonous) above the sink

A dingo retreats after raiding our garbage

Our encampment after the rain stoppped

A little green tree frog

More tree frogs

A billabong

Pretty wild red flower plants

A track we trekked

The outback was way cool

A caterpillar in deep disguise

Steph amongst the foliage

A cascading waterfall

Beautiful pale blue butterflies

The yellow line is a railing under water

No visibility

Only 4-5 feet deep now

There's the railing again

The railing above water

A normal rainy day view

Sunrise arriving in Sydney

Sunrise 2

Bird's eye view of Bondi Beach (east of Sydney

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