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Vacation in Sydney

Sydney, Australia   April 2006


We spent our final days in Sydney... and loved it!


View of downtown from Opera House

Inside the Opera House

Harbour Bridge view from SOH

Inside view

It really is that cool

Totally picturesque

The Harbour Bridge (we climed it a few days later)

People climbing the bridge

Opera House

Water trip view of SOH

Downtown Sydney

Waterfront homes in the eastern suburbs

Gorgeous cloud cover

Andrew on the trip to the Taronga zoo

Steph returning from Taronga zoo

Another pic of the Opera House

Circulat quay

The UNICEF bears

More UNICEF bears

The Opera House again

Opera House at night

Colorful bird at zoo

a red lorry

George the GIANT tortoise

Sydney from the zoo

Harbour bridge view from the zoo

Opera House from the zoo

What a view!

The chimps were awesome!

Mr. Jones

He looks left...

He looks right...

He shoots for the camera!

What a shot

The harbour entrance from the Pacific Ocean

A gull

Manly beach

Manly strip

Manly strip 2

Street vendors

Australia's "Coney Island"

The bridge and house lit up at night

The Opera House lit up at night

It's sooo cool

A classic Aussie dinner (burger with egg and chicken pot pie and wedges with cream)

The UNSW sundial clock

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach the other way

Coogee Bay Road (the old haunts)

An ocean front cove

Another beach on the coast

Waterfront cemetary

A great resting place

Quite sombering

Approaching another beach

"No swimming"...

As if...

Awesome waters

We pose with the waves.

Another gorgeous sunset

Sunset in Bondi

The walkway to Bondi

More waterfront views

Cool volcanic rocks

The sunset was breathtaking

Paddington St. Church

A cool pic of cool stuff

Hyde Park

We just can't get enough of the Bridge...

Waterfront sidewalks

Sydney all lit up

The Opera House again

One more shot!

And one more...

The restaurant decorated for Easter

Andrew cooking the meat at the local pub

One last shot of our favorite site!

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